Burina.NET Web Hosting plans as per your liking!


3999 yearly
  • 5 GB Disk space
  • 100 GB Monthly traffic
  • 1 Site (domain)
  • 1 MySQL database
  • 100 Email addresses
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Best Value!

7999 yearly
  • 15 GB Disk space
  • 300 GB Monthly traffic
  • 3 Sites (domains)
  • 3 MySQL databases
  • 300 Email addresses
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15999 yearly
  • 50 GB Disk space
  • 1000 GB Monthly traffic
  • 10 Sites (domains)
  • 10 MySQL databases
  • Unlimited Email addresses
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Nowadays, although the IT service market is already flooded with offers of all quality and price levels, Burina.NET still holds a few strong points worth considering before you finally decide to whom you will entrust the hosting of your online content:

  • Many years of experience in the field of Internet Technology;
  • Advanced expertise always at your disposal;
  • The possibility of successful realization even of the most demanding projects;
  • Technical support in both English and Serbian language - efficient and polite, professional and reliable;
  • Our e-Hosting is based on the cutting edge servers platform and a redundant fiber-optic Internet link;
  • All hosting plans are backed up by powerful UPSes in air-conditioned data centre, with full daily data backup kept for 15 days;
  • Burina.NET is not anonymous hosting provider, unlike many others present on today's market that are almost impossible to reach when you need them.

How indeed does all this function in practice? See for yourself!

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